Wire Rope Lubricants

Our parent company, Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd., has been manufacturing wire-rope lubricants for over 30 years.

The lubricant used in the manufacturing process of a wire-rope is critical to the rope’s usage life and overall performance. Our products are designed keeping in mind our customers' needs, thus ensuring the products they are supplied with perform exactly as technically desired.

Our company manufactures two types of wire-rope lubricants :-
• Wax-based
• Bitumen-based

These lubricants are used in the manufacturing/servicing of wire-ropes meant for a wide variety of industries, such as – engineering, mining, haulage, elevator, fishing, thermal power plants, project & engineering, etc. Special colored lubricants used for strand identification in wire-ropes – these are also manufactured and supplied against special orders.

All lubricants manufactured by our company conform to specifications laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Our most popular wire-rope lubricant products (WRL-8 & WRL-55) meet and exceed both the Indian as well as international quality specifications laid down for such lubricants.

Our company’s products are supplied to a number of well-established wire-rope manufacturers all around the world.

An overview of various grades of rope lubricants

USHA W-1 Brownish Yellow Good lubricity and anti-rust properties Engineering ropes Manufacturing & Servicing
USHA WRL-2 Black Heavy bodied, adhesive type black bituminous Open gears, Fishing and Crane ropes Servicing
USHA WRL-8 Black Good underground performance in wet and dusty environments Mining ropes Manufacturing & Servicing
USHA WRL-55 Brownish Yellow Excellent lubricity, tackiness and rust prevention over a wide temperature range Engineering, Crane and Elevator ropes Manufacturing & Servicing
USHA WRL-58 Black Good adhesion and coat with very good rust prevention Fishing ropes Manufacturing
USHA WRL-60 Brownish Yellow Good lubricity and excellent rust prevention Engineering ropes Servicing

Special purpose lubricants

USHA GL Grades Colored Color as per customer specification Strand marking during rope manufacturing Strand identification

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